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Sign up as a freelancer and complete a sample task to show your ability to take on Segmentation projects.


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What does an Annotator do?

As an annotator, you will listen to audio files on our web portal, and classify the audio with suitable tags and labels.

We provide guidelines and training to help fresh annotators to improve their skills before they begin. You do not need any specialized knowledge of any language to do this.

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Why work at Audio Bee as an Annotator

Work from Anywhere

Work from any corner of the world. All you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection.

Enjoy the Flexibility

There are no minimum or maximum work hours. Set your own time and work accordingly.

Get Paid Weekly

We offer one of the best pay-per-tasks rates in the market and make weekly payments for completed tasks.

Progress & Develop

We provide a career growth part for all our employees who wish to improve and grow.

Refer and earn more!

Get your friends to join Audio Bee using your Referral Link and earn up to $70 per referral when they complete a certain amount of Segmentation tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start your Segmentation and Annotation job, all you need is a computer with a reliable internet of at least 5 Mbps. You must have at least 4 GB RAM to process things easily. We also recommend quality headphones/earphones of at least $5.

Audio Segmentation and Annotation is a language-agnostic job. This means that you do not require high-level expertise for any particular language to be able to work. You will, however, need to have attention to detail.

We offer the best pay per work package compared to the national average wage. Our annotators earn USD 0.12 per audio minute i.e. USD 7.2 per audio hour segmented and annotated.

Yes, however, we do not accept immediate reapplications. You may reapply only after six months. In the meantime, you can still apply for Transcription, Translation, or Voice Recording.

Unlike other faceless crowd management companies, we value and manage our workers. Those who prove themselves reliable with task deadlines can earn more as well as receive advanced career opportunities with full-time roles.

Languages Available

We provide transcription services in over 30 languages!

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