Call Recording & Transcription Could Soon Arrive To Pixel Phones

The Google Phone app could soon let you record incoming and outgoing calls. The newest version 44 of the default dialer app for Google Pixel smartphones started rolling out last night, and according to an APK breakdown from XDA Developers, it has the call recording feature fully baked in and functional. The folks at XDA could get it working without any hassle.

Once Google rolls out this new feature, you'll see a standard-looking "Record" button next to the "Hold" button every time a call is initiated, either incoming or outgoing. Tapping the button will start recording your conversation with the other party. The button icon will change to indicate that the call is being recorded.

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Automatic Speech Transcription and Speaker Recognition Simultaneously Using Apple AI 


Last year, Apple witnessed several controversies regarding its speech recognition technology. To provide quality control in the company’s voice assistant Siri, Apple asked its contractors to regularly hear the confidential voice recordings in the name of the “Siri Grading Program”. However, to this matter, the company later apologised and published a statement where it announced the changes in the Siri grading program.

This year, the tech giant has been gearing up a number of researchers regarding speech recognition technology to upgrade its voice assistant. Recently, the researchers at Apple developed an AI model which can perform automatic speech transcription and speaker recognition simultaneously. 

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Best speech to text software in 2020: Free, paid and online voice recognition apps and services

While speech-to-text used to be specifically only for desktops, the development of mobile devices and the explosion of easily accessible apps means that transcription can now be carried out on a smartphone or tablet. 

This has made speech-to-text applications increasingly valuable to users in a range of different environments, from education to business. This is not least because the technology has matured to the level where mistakes in transcriptions are relatively rare, with some services rightly boasting a 99.9% success rate from clear audio.  

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How Is Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Used In Engineering?

Just like with many other industries, artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing engineering. Even though these technologies are now seemingly "everywhere," we shouldn't overlook how truly incredible they are and the remarkable things they enable us to do today and will allow us to do tomorrow. For engineers, artificial intelligence and machine learning might cause the tasks they do to evolve, but it can also help them do things they weren't capable of before.

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) was begun in 1956, but it has been only in the last decade that significant progress has been made to allow the technology to be widely used and experienced by many outside technology circles. Today, artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing emerging technologies and describes machines that can perform tasks that previously required human intelligence.

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How AI Is Tracking the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the coronavirus growing more deadly in China, artificial intelligence researchers are applying machine-learning techniques to social media, web, and other data for subtle signs that the disease may be spreading elsewhere.

The new virus emerged in Wuhan, China, in December, triggering a global health emergency. It remains uncertain how deadly or contagious the virus is, and how widely it might have already spread. Infections and deaths continue to rise. More than 31,000 people have now contracted the disease in China, and 630 people have died, according to figures released by authorities there Friday.

The program is looking for social media posts that mention specific symptoms, like respiratory problems and fever, from a geographic area where doctors have reported potential cases. Natural language processing is used to parse the text posted on social media, for example, to distinguish between someone discussing the news and someone complaining about how they feel. A company called BlueDot used a similar approach—minus the social media sources—to spot the coronavirus in late December, before Chinese authorities acknowledged the emergency.

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8 Powerful Examples Of AI For Good

Amid the cacophony of concern over artificial intelligence (AI) taking over jobs (and the world) and cheers for what it can do to increase productivity and profits, the potential for AI to do good can be overlooked. Technology leaders such as Microsoft, IBM, Huawei and Google have entire sections of their business focused on the topic and dedicate resources to build AI solutions for good and to support developers who do. 

In the fight to solve extraordinarily difficult challenges, humans can use all the help we can get. Here are 8 powerful examples of artificial intelligence for good as it is applied to some of the toughest challenges facing society today.

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