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Audio Wave
Audio Bee is a US-based company that works to create different datasets to aid in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) training for tech companies around the world. We provide multilingual transcription services for a wide range of industries and technology globally.

Apart from providing transcription services, we also specialize in creating datasets for AI/ML Training with projects including speech translation; raw audio data collection; create, validate and label NLP training data; captioning and tagging; and relevance, validation, and judgments.

At Audio Bee

We deal with both public and private data for audio transcription. Public data is data that is accessible on the internet on websites such as Youtube. It may include vlogs, podcasts, interviews, panel discussions, product reviews, etc. We also provide transcription for private data in a secure facility ensuring maximum confidentiality. Our team regularly adopts quality assurance techniques and meticulously reviews and finalizes transcriptions.

Why Audio Bee?

Efficiency and Quality

We provide premium and quick transcription service even during cases of difficult audio, background noise, and accents and conduct quality check-ups before hiring a new worker.


We work with a multitude of major and minor languages and provide service in more than 200+ languages.

Competitive prices

We offer quality transcription services at comparatively cheaper rates than other data services companies.


At Audio Bee, we look for proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling, since all three are essential in conveying the original message successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of projects will I be working on a transcriber?


In an audio transcription project, you will be working on transcribing a large volume of recorded speech in a particular language that needs to be converted into text format in a transcription platform. One can easily get the hang of it if he/she is fluent in their native language and can type fast.

You can also head down a different career path at Audio Bee.


What do I need to start working?


You will need to complete a simple test in order to apply for this role. We follow a quality-driven hiring process that allows us to select the most qualified candidates for this role.

Other than this, all you need is a laptop with a proper internet connection.


How well does it pay?


Your earning potential depends on the minutes you transcribe and the availability of the projects. Sometimes we may not have projects for a particular language. We will inform you via email when the projects are available for you to transcribe.


Who can apply?


Anyone can apply. We also have prospects of career advancement with new responsibilities and internship opportunities to understand how we work.


How do you ensure quality?


We conduct quality check-ups before hiring a new worker. All customers also have the opportunity to review transcriptions before approving them. We also allocate ample time for proofreading to remove inaccuracies.