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Audio Bee is a US-based company that works to create different datasets to aid in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) training for tech companies around the world. Our fast-growing network of remote-workers provides high-quality segmentation services to various clients globally by listening to various recorded audio clips on our transcription platform and annotating them according to the guidelines provided.

Apart from providing segmentation services, we also specialize in creating datasets for AI/ML Training with projects including speech transcription; raw audio data collection; create, validate and label NLP training data; captioning and tagging; and relevance, validation, and judgments.

What is Segmentation?

Segmentation involves classifying/annotating audio data with tags and labels. Artificially intelligent machines require specially labelled datasets for training purposes and to comprehend the true meaning behind the complexity of a language. Machines can then make further categorizations such as individuals, companies, dates, organization places, cities, and product terminologies, etc. Annotated audio datasets are essential for the development and training of speech-based machine learning.

Why Audio Bee?

Efficiency and Quality

We have incorporated all project management and quality control related feedback into our simple and seamless interface to help our workers, reviewers, and project managers perform better.


Our network of native language speakers is unique as we also work in languages spoken by a minority group of people. We provide segmentation services in more than 200+ languages.

Competitive prices

We offer quality service at comparatively cheaper rates than other entity-tagging service companies.


Whether your project is big or small, long or short, a single language or multilingual, our segmentation team has sufficient domain knowledge to carry out projects with our existing resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Which languages will I work on?


Audio segmentation/annotation are language-agnostic jobs. You do not require high-level language expertise.


How much will I be paid?


We offer the best pay per work package compared to the national average wage. You can contact our hiring team to get detailed information regarding this.


If I don't clear my training, can I apply again?


No. Unfortunately, we don't offer re-attempts for candidates who fail the training for the next six months.


Do I get paid for the training?


Yes. We do pay a certain amount as a stipend for the training. But you have to successfully complete the training and probation.


Do you pay monthly?


No. We release the payments bi-monthly. You will receive your salary in two parts every 15 days.