Entity Tagging Service

Manual annotation service by a well-trained and highly experienced annotation team.

Audio Wave
Audio Bee is a growing network of remote-workers that provides first-rate annotation services to various clients globally. We offer entry tagging/annotation services to extract entities from text and creates training data for machines to recognize such texts in similar documents

Apart from providing entity tagging services, we also specialize in creating datasets for AI/ML Training with projects including speech transcription; raw audio data collection; create, validate and label NLP training data; and relevance, validation, and judgments.

What is Entity Tagging/ Annotation?

Entity tagging is the process of labelling unstructured sentences with information so that a machine can read them. Labelling helps machines identify named entities present in a text document and tag them with categorizations such as individuals, companies, dates, organization places, cities and product terminologies, etc.

Artificial intelligence, much like human intelligence, is only as good as the education it receives. Hence, it requires well-annotated data in order to learn. Without the proper annotation, even the largest data sets are of little use in training AI systems.

Why Audio Bee?

Efficiency and Quality

We have incorporated all project management and quality control related feedback into our entity tagging tool to help our workers, reviewers and project managers perform better.


Our network of native language speakers is unique as we also work in languages spoken by a minority group of people. We provide entity annotation services in more than 150+ languages.

Competitive prices

We aim to deliver affordable annotation service as we know that cost is often the deciding factor when budgets are tight. We offer quality service at comparatively cheaper rates than other entity tagging service companies.

Project Range

Whether your project is big or small, long or short, single language or multilingual, our data annotation team has sufficient domain knowledge to carry out projects with our existing resources.

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About Audiobee

We are a fast-growing remote-work company based in the US. Translators working on our platform are carefully chosen and rigorously tested to ensure our customers get the best quality translations. We assist companies that require high volumes of translated data for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) training.

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