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Audio Bee is a US-based company that works to create different datasets to aid in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) training for tech companies around the world. Our speech data collection service helps bring projects to life via sound. We specialize in providing accurate, reliable, and professional audio datasets to train Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) models.

Apart from audio recording services, we also specialize in creating datasets for AI/ML Training with projects including speech transcription; create, validate and label NLP training data; captioning and tagging; and relevance, validation, and judgments.

At Audio Bee

We collect speech data in all major languages, dialects, and accents. Our speech datasets are tailored precisely for every project. Our multilingual spontaneously recorded audio datasets can help you to train your Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model in understanding speaker-dependent deep neural networks (SD-DNN). We also offer multilingual, professionally recorded voice-overs from all demographics, tailored for your targeted end goals.

Why Audio Bee?


We offer a complete range of audio recording options to suit your business needs. We deliver it in a format that suits your requirements, allowing you to put the final project to use. We also go through various quality control processes before finally delivering the audio you need.


Our network of native language speakers is unique and we work in languages spoken by a minority group of people. We provide audio recording services in more than 150+ languages.

Competitive prices

We offer quality service at comparatively cheaper rates than other audio recording service companies.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Audio Recording?


Audio recordings are electronic recordings of sound. Audio-based machine learning systems rely on a foundation of relevant and diverse speech data for proper functioning. Automated speech recognition (ASR) systems get better at human speech recognition when exposed to large quantities of high-quality speech data.

At Audio Bee, we collect and develop large volumes of multilingual audio data to improve and enhance voice-enabled applications for international corporations.


What kind of projects will I be working on as an audio recordist?


In an audio recording project, you will be working on recording and uploading a large volume of phrases on our audio recording platform. This is easy to do if you’re fluent in your native language.

You can also head down a different career path at Audio Bee and work with us as an Audio Transcriber.


What do I need to get started on a project?


All you need is a laptop, a headphone with a good microphone and an internet connection. Also, you need to make sure you’re in a proper environment, i.e. quiet and without any external disturbances.


How well does it pay?


Your earning potential depends on the minutes you record and the availability of the projects. Sometimes we may not have projects for a particular language.