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Audio Bee was founded in 2014 and has been delivering services primarily related to audio, text, and image data.

  • Founded: 2014
  • Employees: 39
  • Contractors: 350+
  • Globally connected to 25,000+ people

From our Inception to Year Six

We started out as an audio and video production company. After our initial years, we expanded our expertise in the field of Transcription and Audio Recording. 2017 was a major breakthrough year as were beginning to record audio in the Hindi language for Google. Soon, we were growing exponentially from minor projects to large audio recording projects and our brand name kept growing stronger.

Fast forward to 2020, we work together with hundreds of clients that require high volumes of human-annotated data for training artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our workforce is part of a diverse, collaborative organization, where we value new ideas and enjoy an amicable working environment.

We take pride in working with our clients

Audio Bee works together with clients who require high volumes of human-annotated data for training artificial intelligence and machine learning. When we take care of a company’s data needs, they can solely focus on maximizing revenue.

We have independent contractors that work on the ground to ensure quality and meet deadlines. Our goal is to help businesses build, test and improve new machine learning models by efficiently providing training data.

Our clients remember us for

Our excellent services operate around the clock; any day and at any time, thanks to our growing community from different nationalities supported with our modern, cloud-based management platform. We currently offer the following services:

Our growing end customers

Values that inspire our team

Our consistent and established working methods enable us to set clear and agreed on objectives. We regularly communicate and collaborate with in-country reviewers to simplify processes. Actively conversing with clients to get their feedback on the service and to find out how they think it could be improved has also helped us in building sustainable long-term relationships. Our recruitment team ensures that our fresh workforce is comfortable working with us and works hard to bring out the best in each individual. Furthermore, we are geared towards delivering positive social transformational impact on society by creating remote job opportunities in developing countries around the world.

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